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Strength training for beginners....Do it the right way

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10 myths and misconception about diet....

From the start of your healthy life, we all are taught some misconceptions and myths about dieting. Eating like this or drinking like that, eating only at odd hours or that drinking energy drinks is good. People can go to any extend for a fast fat loss resulting in Blindly following any tip and telling it to others is what made wrong information carry on to the right person.  There are many misconceptions and myths when it comes to being on a diet. In this article, I have tried to debunk some of the biggest diet myths and change your opinion about them. 1. Carbs are your enemy This myth has now existed for quite a long time now. I myself used to think eating carbs hurt my progress. Not all carbs are bad for your body. Let's be more specific, carbs are of two types- Simple and complex.  The main difference between the two is their speed of breakdown. Simple carbs breakdown faster than complex carbs, they cause insulin to spike suddenly providing energy for only a short period of tim

How to stay motivated towards your goals ??

 Motivation is considered to be the biggest factor in success. Motivation is regarded as the driving force while focusing on any goal. With no motivation, one cannot achieve its target. But what is motivation? Before knowing how one can be motivated, let's look at what exactly is motivation. Motivation is not for someone who doesn't have a desire to achieve a goal. You cannot stay motivated for something you don't want or has no desire to achieve. Motivation is only a process that guides a person to remain on the path of success.  When someone feels motivated towards work, it means that he has some reason to finish that work. It may be money, psychological satisfaction, success, fame, or anything.  The 3 primary theories developed by Maslow, Herzberg, and the theory of x and y all indicate that motivation always comes to those who have desires. This desire can be due to deprivation of something a person thinks is necessary for living or due to something that happened in the

Benefit's of a high protein diet

Fat loss starts in your kitchen, but what is there in the kitchen that is given more importance than physical activity? It's none other than protein, eating a diet rich in protein is very beneficial for both gainers and burners.  So let's see why this macronutrient is given more importance than the others and why it is recommended to elevate your protein content whatever your goal is. Before diving into its benefits let us look at the basics of protein.  Protein  is a macronutrient that is essential to building muscle mass. It is commonly found in animal products, though is also present in other sources, such as nuts and legumes. ... Chemically,  protein  is composed of amino acids, which are organic compounds made of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, or sulfur. Some major benefits  of eating protein in an adequate amount's are-  1. Suppresses appetite helping avoid unnecessary calories Protein naturally suppresses your hunger by reducing the levels of Ghrelin (the hormon

Lose fat in sleep: ways to burn fat while sleeping !

 If you are someone who hates to go to the gym, sucks at keeping a food journal, and hardly moves from the desk, go to a gym.  But if you are a fairly active person and looking to head some extra calories in your sleep, I have got some tips for you. Before going any forward, I would like to tell you that every tip in this article is backed by science. Still, these will just assist your progress and should not substitute your healthy routine at any cost.  1. Take a hot shower Starting with some pre-bedtime m easures, taking a hot shower 30 minutes before sleeping has many unseen benefits. It relieves tension and relaxes muscles avoiding any discomfort and inflammation.  Not only this but taking a shower also releases several hormones from the brain ( primarily oxytocin ) which also relaxes the body. Also, the quick rise in temperature increases body core temperature and as soon as we come out temperature drops signaling the body it's bedtime.  2. Consider taking a casein shake or ca

Exercise's that hurt you more than they benefit you !! : Top 8 exercises you should never perform

It seems rather obvious how many of us tend to neglect certain exercises that do not give us the desirable results. Exercises that rather seems vague in some kind or are too difficult to perform for a beginner.  Choosing exercises to construct a perfect training routine is optimal when you are trying to build muscle or lose fat. However, there are some exercises that every one of us should avoid so as to avoid any kind of injury or getting undesirable results. So, let us look upon my top 15 exercises that harm our body more than it benefits us. Top 15 horrible exercise you should never perform  1. Dips performed for triceps These so-called triceps dips are not exactly the exercise you are searching for building triceps. Instead, triceps are only activated because they have to support your body weight. As you start progressing into the dip while lowering your body the stress shift onto your shoulder (glenohumeral joint)   rather than your elbow making it very less challenging to anteri