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Strength training for beginners....Do it the right way

As I have previously talked to, strength training is one of the most important parts of the fat loss pyramid. But starting strength training can be very confusing. Many people just concentrate on one body part while others think that focussing on cardio is the correct way. First, let's understand what is strength training? Strength training is specially designed form of physical activity which puts pressure on muscle causing micro-tears. These microtears repair and grow to become larger in size.  There are some important things to note before starting weight training.  1. You don't need equipments or a gym to start. Bodyweight exercises like pushups and squats provide enough resistance for the body to grow.  2. Lifting weights won't make women bulky. Women's have 1/20th the level of testosterone as that of men, they can't grow muscles the same way a man can.  3. There are 3 types of muscle movements when it comes to muscle, namely eccentric, concentric, and static.