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10 myths and misconception about diet....

From the start of your healthy life, we all are taught some misconceptions and myths about dieting. Eating like this or drinking like that, eating only at odd hours or that drinking energy drinks is good. People can go to any extend for a fast fat loss resulting in Blindly following any tip and telling it to others is what made wrong information carry on to the right person.  There are many misconceptions and myths when it comes to being on a diet. In this article, I have tried to debunk some of the biggest diet myths and change your opinion about them. 1. Carbs are your enemy This myth has now existed for quite a long time now. I myself used to think eating carbs hurt my progress. Not all carbs are bad for your body. Let's be more specific, carbs are of two types- Simple and complex.  The main difference between the two is their speed of breakdown. Simple carbs breakdown faster than complex carbs, they cause insulin to spike suddenly providing energy for only a short period of tim