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How to stay motivated towards your goals ??

 Motivation is considered to be the biggest factor in success. Motivation is regarded as the driving force while focusing on any goal. With no motivation, one cannot achieve its target. But what is motivation? Before knowing how one can be motivated, let's look at what exactly is motivation. Motivation is not for someone who doesn't have a desire to achieve a goal. You cannot stay motivated for something you don't want or has no desire to achieve. Motivation is only a process that guides a person to remain on the path of success.  When someone feels motivated towards work, it means that he has some reason to finish that work. It may be money, psychological satisfaction, success, fame, or anything.  The 3 primary theories developed by Maslow, Herzberg, and the theory of x and y all indicate that motivation always comes to those who have desires. This desire can be due to deprivation of something a person thinks is necessary for living or due to something that happened in the