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Hi everyone my name is Hemang Wason, I have been helping people lose weight & achieve their dream physique for the past 1 year. I am a certified fitness trainer and I have an advanced diploma that has been recognized by the international association of therapists. 


I know many of you will feel that I am too young to guide anyone but let me tell you my story and how I decided to become a fitness trainer even with the odds stacked against me. Please enjoy the journey I took around 2 years back.
Have you ever thought of giving up? or just leaving something because you are feeling you can’t do it? 
Welcome to my story, an experience that eventually taught me that what others think doesn't matter if you believe in yourself. As a kid, I always used to think that hard work is always the key. As a kid, I was always on a healthier & chubbier side. I always used to enjoy eating and never felt like I am doing something wrong. As a result, I weighed an astonishing 80kgs at the end of my 9th standard, but it was in my 10th standard that things really started to sting. 
Once a great man said “A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.” but what happens when that those friends who you thought to be real, start leaving you? 
 My grades got down and my friends started to bully and traumatize me, they started to look down upon me and started ignoring me. As a kid, I always tried to socialize and make new friends but this development really took a toll on my mental health. I always wanted to be fit and handsome and truth be told, who does not. It really makes you feel bad when you are ready to do anything for your friends and they ignore you.
But things really went down south when I was excluded from my football zonal team after winning the tournament for them. On that day, I gave up. All my dreams shattered and I was so frustrated that to date it is the worst day of my life. My coach called me and told me that I was not fit enough to represent the zone. My spirit was broken on that day, I felt like I was an outsider and they only substituted me because of my looks. 

On that day, I promised myself that I will not play football till the day I become fit.
But after hundreds of sessions with consultants and fitness coaches, I gained not a single good way. My grandparents always encouraged me and helped me in whatever way possible, they always used to tell me that only I can decide the way I want to look and no one else can make me feel bad until I do that to myself. 

But Things again went further down when I was in 11th. The stress of study and grades overtook my other concerns. At the end of 11th, I weighed a whopping 106 kg!
It took an emotional toll on me, things got so worse that I went into depression for 2 months. My studies suffered and I almost failed in class 11th, my grades were so horrible that I began asking myself whether I am really worth anything. But then I remembered my promise I made to myself on that day, my grandparents, and all those who always supported me. 
I remembered that day, it was 1st March 2019, when I decided that no one is to blame but me. I joined the gym and started working out with a resolve thinking that this time I have to succeed. Months passed, my parents told me to give up the idea and concentrate on my studies because it was the 12th and board exams loomed largely. But I knew it’s now or never. I gave up the phone, entertainment, and whatnot. I used to study all night just to prove that those bullies wrong and all those who said that I couldn’t do it.
I pushed my body telling it not to quit. I did a lot of research on the right diet & exercise on the internet and learned from the best in the world. After almost 6 months, I felt that I was attracting attention and the fact that people have started noticing me. I felt like whatever I did was worth the effort. 

My life changed completely after that, I am more confident, more mature, more focussed, and happier now. The journey was hard but the result was sweet. At the end of the 12th, I weigh 65 kg. 
The icing on the cake was, I scored 93% in my board exams! 


The journey is not only a path but a lesson I learned by listening to myself when no one was around me. You are the only one who is responsible for yourself. You CAN decide where you want your life to start and end.
At last, I would like you to always remember Don’t let anyone control you and your emotions. After all, you are not a puppet, YOU are YOU.
This line is the reason why I became a trainer and decided to help others like me. I want to guide others down the path and help them help themselves. 
Being a trainer is not a job for me but a lifelong passion, my life’s experiences have taught me that every one of us has the potential and ability to do stuff but some don’t express them because of always getting overwhelmed. You can achieve anything you want; you can do whatever you want.
It doesn’t matter what others say or think. Taking the first step is always difficult but think about your goals, the dreams you want to achieve. 
2020 has taught us the importance of health and how important it is to be fit. Just a small virus is enough to make you regret what you should have done. 
I continue to do serious research on health, fitness & exercise and am constantly upgrading my knowledge.

At Hemchem, we believe that it is our responsibility to show the best of you to you. We guide you, train you and at the end of the journey even provide you a plan for the future so that you can never feel down in your life again. 

Why just watching youtube videos or reading piles of books won't help you?

The answer is very easy, YOU are YOU. You have a different body type and different genetics. If the same diet works for everyone, nobody in this world is overweight or underweight.

Hiring a qualified fitness trainer not only helps you manage your weight effectively but also increases the speed of your progress. 

Losing weight and gaining it all back or the other way around is the greatest demotivating factor. To avoid we provide tailor-made plans specifically designed for YOU. 

What are our plans are about?

1. Tailored made according to several factors like body type, height, weight, lean muscle mass, etc.

2. Most important of all our plans are made at your comfort. You need to do a home workout? No problem. You want to do just yoga?
No problem. You don't want to eat dairy? No problem at all.

3. We design diet plans keeping in mind all the external and internal factors- Place you live, Easy availability of items, Medical conditions, Things you like and don't like, and many more. 

4. We provide tips and tricks to help you achieve your goals faster and easier, without feeling stressed or miserable. 

5. Our diet plans are designed to balance both your healthy life and social life. I personally don't like strict diets at all, and to be honest, if any diet makes you starve or affect your social life. It is not good at all. 

6. Follow-ups and weekly assessments

And not just this, we provide innumerable benefits with this. All things I provide and say are scientifically proven and first used by me. 

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