Why training legs is important?

So it's leg day, and you are thinking whether to go or to ditch. Let me tell you, you are not the only one. Most people thinking that training legs are not important as it is under your pants. But that is all the more reason to train legs.

Doing only pushups and pullups will not build your legs. Leg day is very important as compared to your other training days. People think only an athlete or bodybuilder is the one who should do legs.

Moreover to avoid any kind of muscle imbalances in the upper body and lower body training legs is important. 

8 Reasons why you should train leg at least 2 times a week-

1. Improve athletism and cardiovascular health

Training the leg not only build muscles but also improves overall cardiovascular health by increasing oxygen flow in the body. Studies show that after leg training days, people see a 53% increase in oxygen flow without making the heart work harder.

This, in turn, reduces stress on the heart and helps to keep a good oxygen concentration in the bloodstream. Moreover, training legs also improve endurance. 

2. Metabolic boost

Though this goes without saying, Building lean muscle elevates metabolism and helps in burning more calories in afterburn. The leg has the biggest muscle in our body, training them uses up a large quantity of energy. 

3. Burn more calories

As said earlier, the biggest muscle in our body (Gluteus Maximus) lies in the legs. Large muscles use up a lot of energy and keep heart rate elevated for a long time. 

This results in more calories burned in a short amount of time. Not only this elevated metabolism also raises the resting calories burned. 

4. Increase your speed

It is a no brainer, Stenghthning, and working out your legs is a great way to increase your speed. Most cardiovascular activities like running, jumping, skipping, etc. require extensive use of the lower body. 

Working out lower body muscles will help them get adapted to strenuous exercise and increase their performance. Doing exercises like squats and deadlift is great if you want to run faster.

5. Looks body look more symmetrical

A muscular upper body and a weak lower body, it doesn't sound right. Your body composition enhances several folds when you train your leg and upper body.

6. Prevent injuries

Unsymmetrical body and weak lower half, it is the core reason for injuries. People don't train legs but many upper-body compound exercises use a lot of leg muscles for stabilization. 

Exercises like barbell rows or overhead press are very dangerous if there is a muscle imbalance and can cause injuries to you. 

7. Relive stress

Studies show that training legs release a large number of hormones. Primary being Growth hormones, Cortisol, and testosterone. Cortisol is the hormone responsible for stress and metabolization of fat. 

Testerone is the hormone responsible for the growth of muscle and repairs, that is why it is extremely important to train legs. 

8. Improve posture

Strengthening the lower body helps in keeping the spine straight and keeping the upper body and lower body aligned. Back and leg muscles are the major muscles responsible for your posture. 

Having a good posture improves not only flexibility but also avoid back pains and injuries. 


Training legs is just as important as any other part of the body. Training them twice every week with adequate intensity is all that you need to see results.

Doing compound exercises like deadlift and squat is another way if you are short on time.


  1. Sure sir will take care to work out leg muscle also which had long been ignored

  2. Really informative had been ignoring the leg work for quite some while


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