What is body type and how to know which one is you ?

Everyone is born with an inherited body type, based on several skeletal frames and body composition. Knowing body type can be a huge advantage when it comes to designing a perfect workout regime and deciding a sustainable diet.

Not only this, one can predict the outcome of your transformation and can set realistic goals based on one's body type. Adjusting the fitness regime and diet according to your body type can help in achieving your goals faster. 

Moreover preferring the wrong set of exercises will only result in things getting worse and will also demotivate you. 

So now you know how important is to know your body type is. There are 3 different body types namely-

1. Ectomorph

Often regarded as hard gainers, they find it very difficult in gaining both fats as well as muscles. 

It is the most common type among the 3 and are identified by-

1. Thin frame and build
2. Very little muscle mass
3. Long limbs
4. Shoulder width almost the same as that of hips
5. Hyperactive
6. Slender appearance
7. Can eat loads of food still remain the same 

When it comes to modifying the fitness regime and setting a diet plan, there are some things to be kept in mind -


Decrease training frequency and focus primarily on weight and strength training. Cardio should be done a maximum of 1 day a week. 

Focus on compound movements and lift heavy keeping progression in mind. Isolation exercises should not constitute more than 30% of the workout. 

For example, a sample routine of the full-body workout will look like-

1. Deadlift ( 80% of 1-Rep max for 3 sets)
2. Overhead press (50%-60% of 1-Rep max for 3 sets)
3. Pull-ups ( 3 sets )
4. Bench press ( 60%-70% of 1-Rep max for 3 sets)
5. Squats ( 50%-60% of 1-Rep max for 3 sets)
6. Bicep curls ( 50%-60% of 1-Rep max for 3 sets )


As they are hard gainers, eat lots of food. Try keeping 5-6 meals in a day with a caloric surplus. But this does not mean that eating junk food can do any good to you, prioritize healthy and calorie-dense foods like nuts and seeds.

Eat loads of protein and complex carbs, eating them helps in a high level of glycogen which in turn helps in lifting heavyweights. Some foods to include in your diet are-

1. Seeds
2. Nuts
3. Chicken (legs and breast)
4. Fish
5. Brown rice
6. Bread
7. lentils 
8. Protein shakes
9. Peanut butter

2. Mesomorphs

They lie in the middle of the two extremes, often regarded as the gifted one, they have a naturally athletic physique. 

The 4 most prominent way to identify them are-

1. Medium frame
2. Wide shoulder and narrow hips
3. Muscular bellies
4. Can easily pack both muscles and fat

But they have to keep control of diet and workout as they gain fat quickly. A bad diet and no exercise will just result in backfiring their body type benefits. 


Unlike endomorphs, they have to focus both on cardio and strength training to achieve their dream physique. Including high-intensity interval training and HCIT are good options for cardio.

Moreover, training for both hypertrophy and Endurance is recommended. A mesomorph person still has to decide a primary goal for himself, either muscle building or fat loss. According to which they can increase cardio or increase strength training.


For mesomorphs, finding the balance is all that is needed to succeed. Find the appropriate amount of macro and micronutrients you should consume and stick to that. 

Increase or decrease calories on the basis of your goal and stick to a diet plan at least for 20-25 days. Eating a high protein diet should be your goal, keep fats, and carbohydrates in moderation.

Try not to overdo or underdo on calories as it will just result in gaining more fat or losing muscle mass respectively. 

Some food to consider including are-

1. Vegetables and fruits
2. Olive oil
3. Chicken breast
4. Salmon
5. Nuts
6. Lentils
7. milk and it's products

3. Endomorphs

Lastly comes the 3rd type, endomorphs are those who gain fat easily and have a hard time losing it. They may have more muscle mass than the other 2 body types but they gain as much fat with it. 

They have to be extra careful with both diet and workout, they have to rely on both LISS and HIIT as part of their cardio. 

Some ways by which you can identify them are-

1. Heavy build
2. Wider waist
3. Stores fat around the lower belly
4. Thick forearms
5. Bulkier shoulders

So how should they plan and modify their workout and diet to lose fat without hurting muscle mass too much?


As an endomorph, you should primarily focus on keeping fat away from your body. Maintaining a caloric deficit of 200-300 calories is good enough. Patience and consistency play an important role as they don't lose fat fast. 

Eating a high protein diet and keep carbohydrates low as compared to fats. Eat Lots of vegetables and fruits as they are low in calories and high in fiber which will help in keeping you full for longer.

Avoid being stressed, as that will result in a higher level of hunger.  Avoid binge eating at all costs.

Avoid simple carbs like bread and rice, cut back on sugar, and drink coffee and green tea as they will help in suppressing appetite.

Some foods to include in your diet are-

1. Chicken breast
2. Lentils
3. Salmon
4. Popcorn
5. Powdered peanut butter
6. Vegetable and fruits
7. Soy and Tofu


As said earlier endomorphs have to focus both on strength training and cardio (LISS and HIIT) to lose fat and build muscle. Not only this, being active is recommended. 

A sedentary lifestyle will just add to the problem. Consider playing some kind of sports, Or just walk more. 

As endomorphs have a relatively slow metabolism, they should focus on training in hypertrophy and lift heavyweights. 

Doing both compound and isolation movements is recommended. 

Finding yourself in the middle of two body types?

Everyone is different from one another, you cannot copy someone's workout and diet plan simply because they look like. Many people are a combination of two body types, but it is nothing to worry about.

Heath-cater system is a system that determines whats your body type-

For eg., An extreme mesomorph is marked as 1-7-1, an extreme endomorph as 7-1-1, and an extreme ectomorph as 1-1-7. Most people lie between the values. 

It is a possibility that endomorphs lose weight faster than mesomorphs or mesomorphs are unable to grow muscle. These things depend solely on your lifestyle.

But one can get an idea of how to train and what to eat by looking at the 3 major types of body types. Nothing is impossible, Endomorphs can have six-pack abs, and mesomorphs can be fat.

Everything depends on your choices and preference. People think that being a mesomorph is a blessing as it will help them build muscle faster. 

But that's far from the truth, Without proper workout, diet, and recovery, no one can build muscle or lose fat. Genetics are only a part of the book of bodybuilding. It does not determine that can someone build muscle or not.  


  1. I seem to be an endomorph... At least I know now where I stand


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