How to stay motivated towards your goals ??

 Motivation is considered to be the biggest factor in success. Motivation is regarded as the driving force while focusing on any goal. With no motivation, one cannot achieve its target. But what is motivation? Before knowing how one can be motivated, let's look at what exactly is motivation.

Motivation is not for someone who doesn't have a desire to achieve a goal. You cannot stay motivated for something you don't want or has no desire to achieve. Motivation is only a process that guides a person to remain on the path of success. 

When someone feels motivated towards work, it means that he has some reason to finish that work. It may be money, psychological satisfaction, success, fame, or anything. 

The 3 primary theories developed by Maslow, Herzberg, and the theory of x and y all indicate that motivation always comes to those who have desires. This desire can be due to deprivation of something a person thinks is necessary for living or due to something that happened in the past that drives you to rectify your future. 

Component's of motivation

For someone to be motivated towards a goal, only deciding and planning will not help. There are 3 major components of motivation namely- 

1. Activation: The first step towards your goal. It involves the decision to initiate your behavior. It involves making up your mind and sticking to a prepaid plan whatsoever happens. (eg. If you want to lose 40 pounds, the first step is to join a gym or start any sort of activity and keep a food journal) 

2. Persistence: It is keeping going and always improve, however small the percentage is. Your goal should start from being just 1% ahead of yourself as compared to yesterday. Overcoming the obstacles in the path and don't procrastinate your work. 

3. Intensity: Increasing your intensity and concentration you put into your work is a very important factor. Improving your concentration and effort with time helps you achieve goals faster. 

Ways to get motivated ??

As I discussed before in this article too, getting motivated is not a cause of action, and that there is no motivation without desire. With that been said, one can get motivated by some psychological tricks and tips. Here are the top 10 recommended by me and use them-

1. Be positive about your progress

Being positive and cheerful is probably the best deal when feeling down. Most of the demotivation comes from inside us, the problem is that people in today's society wants everything to be perfect. 

The truth is that only 1 in 100 can stick 100% to a path that is planned in the past. Slip-up does not result in distracting you from your path but in fact, are good as they help you recover from all the stress. 

You are your biggest enemy, instead of looking down on yourself first look at how far you have reached. 

Like for example, if you are writing a book. You have written 1/3rd of the book and now you are feeling that people will not like it and they will not buy it. Instead, you should think about how much you have grown your mental strength while writing that book and you should complete it not for people but for yourself.

2. Understand that procrastinating is not a way to deal with things

Everyone procrastinates, even the one with the most resources and most work to do. No doubt procrastinating is bad, but there are certainly ways to deal with it. 

First, understand that procrastination and taking breaks are not the same. While one can hurt our efficiency and throw us off path others help us to build a more realistic path to achieve something. 

Instead of fighting your urge to procrastinate, give your body scheduled breaks. Like working for 1 hour followed by a break of 5 minutes instead of going all out for 4 hours and then lying around all evening on the couch. 

Using your likings as bait is another way, for example, if you go running in the morning you can have ice cream post-lunch.

3. Breaking goals into smaller ones (chunking)

Chunking is a great way to achieve your goal more effectively without procrastinating. Humans have a tendency to always looking at the larger picture and this results in their failure.

Chunking basically means breaking your goal into smaller goals and only focusing on them. This helps us not to procrastinate and finish work easily. It is just a simple building method in which you put just a brick daily till the whole building is complete But in the process focussing just on putting a brick daily and not on how you are going to build. 

For example, if you decided to lose 8 pounds in 2 months. Instead of focusing on losing 8 pounds in 2 months you just focus on losing a pound a week.

4. Artificial positive reinforcement

It is common human behavior to work twice as hard for something that they will get rewarded for. Rewarding can be any form, materialistic, or psychological. A simple way to get motivated is to reward yourself after the completion of your target. 

For example, if you decided to learn how to drive a car. You can be motivated by driving to your favorite restaurant and driving back.

5. The Ulysses pact

A pact is simply an agreement that is signed in the present that will affect your future. The whole idea of Ulysses pact is to bind yourself in an agreement with yourself or someone else that is signed in the present that binds us to perform that action in the future. 

It is a great and fun way to keep your self motivated without trying anything else.

For example, you decide to write a blog weekly for 3 months. Every time you don't, your sister uses your card to purchase whatever she wants. 

6. The Seinfeld strategy

The Seinfeld strategy is a powerful way to avoid procrastination. It is simple and all you need is a big calendar hanging on your wall.

All you have to do is to complete your daily task and after completing mark the day with a big cross on that day. Continue like this and don't let the streak end. 

It is a great way of gaining satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. In this way, if you break your streak from the very next day you have to beat yourself to achieve a new streak.

7. Eliminate distraction

Distractions are the primary reason for the lack of motivation for work. Listing distractions and keeping time for everything in a day is a way to deal with them.

While working make sure to hide them or keep them out of sight. In this way, you can concentrate on work.  

8. Get organized

Working in an organized environment reduces stress and anxiety which helps in avoiding procrastinating. Being organized helps to work more effectively.

Clearing the junk and keeping only professional and work-related stuff on the table is a good first step while getting organized.

9. Don't multitask

Multitasking will only result in loss of time unnecessarily. Instead, focus on planning and sticking to it. Multitasking divides your focus leading to missing important details.

It increases distractions and difficulty in focussing on important stuff decreasing the will to work. 

10. Do the things that are difficult first

Doing things that require time and are difficult first in the morning help us not only build us a positive momentum but also give us self-satisfaction. 

Proceeding like this will help the brain work the most while being relaxed and not procrastinating when the work really needs to be done. 

11. Find a partner with similar goals

Finding someone with the same goal is the best thing to do to remain motivated. Checking each other's progress, and helping each other with problems. 

Healthy competition always results in no loser, Both will learn from each other and help each other stay on the right track. 


Motivation only comes to those who have a desire to achieve a goal and are ready to work for it. 


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