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Why training legs is important?

So it's leg day, and you are thinking whether to go or to ditch. Let me tell you, you are not the only one. Most people thinking that training legs are not important as it is under your pants. But that is all the more reason to train legs. Doing only pushups and pullups will not build your legs. Leg day is very important as compared to your other training days. People think only an athlete or bodybuilder is the one who should do legs. Moreover to avoid any kind of muscle imbalances in the upper body and lower body training legs is important.  8 Reasons why you should train leg at least 2 times a week- 1. Improve athletism and cardiovascular health Training the leg not only build muscles but also improves overall cardiovascular health by increasing oxygen flow in the body. Studies show that after leg training days, people see a 53% increase in oxygen flow without making the heart work harder. This, in turn, reduces stress on the heart and helps to keep a good oxygen concentration in

What is body type and how to know which one is you ?

Everyone is born with an inherited body type, based on several skeletal frames and body composition. Knowing body type can be a huge advantage when it comes to designing a perfect workout regime and deciding a sustainable diet. Not only this, one can predict the outcome of your transformation and can set realistic goals based on one's body type. Adjusting the fitness regime and diet according to your body type can help in achieving your goals faster.  Moreover preferring the wrong set of exercises will only result in things getting worse and will also demotivate you.  So now you know how important is to know your body type is. There are 3 different body types namely- 1. Ectomorph Often regarded as hard gainers, they find it very difficult in gaining both fats as well as muscles.  It is the most common type among the 3 and are identified by- 1. Thin frame and build 2. Very little muscle mass 3. Long limbs 4. Shoulder width almost the same as that of hips 5. Hyperactive 6. Slender ap

Strength training for beginners....Do it the right way

As I have previously talked to, strength training is one of the most important parts of the fat loss pyramid. But starting strength training can be very confusing. Many people just concentrate on one body part while others think that focussing on cardio is the correct way. First, let's understand what is strength training? Strength training is specially designed form of physical activity which puts pressure on muscle causing micro-tears. These microtears repair and grow to become larger in size.  There are some important things to note before starting weight training.  1. You don't need equipments or a gym to start. Bodyweight exercises like pushups and squats provide enough resistance for the body to grow.  2. Lifting weights won't make women bulky. Women's have 1/20th the level of testosterone as that of men, they can't grow muscles the same way a man can.  3. There are 3 types of muscle movements when it comes to muscle, namely eccentric, concentric, and static.

10 myths and misconception about diet....

From the start of your healthy life, we all are taught some misconceptions and myths about dieting. Eating like this or drinking like that, eating only at odd hours or that drinking energy drinks is good. People can go to any extend for a fast fat loss resulting in Blindly following any tip and telling it to others is what made wrong information carry on to the right person.  There are many misconceptions and myths when it comes to being on a diet. In this article, I have tried to debunk some of the biggest diet myths and change your opinion about them. 1. Carbs are your enemy This myth has now existed for quite a long time now. I myself used to think eating carbs hurt my progress. Not all carbs are bad for your body. Let's be more specific, carbs are of two types- Simple and complex.  The main difference between the two is their speed of breakdown. Simple carbs breakdown faster than complex carbs, they cause insulin to spike suddenly providing energy for only a short period of tim

How to stay motivated towards your goals ??

 Motivation is considered to be the biggest factor in success. Motivation is regarded as the driving force while focusing on any goal. With no motivation, one cannot achieve its target. But what is motivation? Before knowing how one can be motivated, let's look at what exactly is motivation. Motivation is not for someone who doesn't have a desire to achieve a goal. You cannot stay motivated for something you don't want or has no desire to achieve. Motivation is only a process that guides a person to remain on the path of success.  When someone feels motivated towards work, it means that he has some reason to finish that work. It may be money, psychological satisfaction, success, fame, or anything.  The 3 primary theories developed by Maslow, Herzberg, and the theory of x and y all indicate that motivation always comes to those who have desires. This desire can be due to deprivation of something a person thinks is necessary for living or due to something that happened in the

Benefit's of a high protein diet

Fat loss starts in your kitchen, but what is there in the kitchen that is given more importance than physical activity? It's none other than protein, eating a diet rich in protein is very beneficial for both gainers and burners.  So let's see why this macronutrient is given more importance than the others and why it is recommended to elevate your protein content whatever your goal is. Before diving into its benefits let us look at the basics of protein.  Protein  is a macronutrient that is essential to building muscle mass. It is commonly found in animal products, though is also present in other sources, such as nuts and legumes. ... Chemically,  protein  is composed of amino acids, which are organic compounds made of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, or sulfur. Some major benefits  of eating protein in an adequate amount's are-  1. Suppresses appetite helping avoid unnecessary calories Protein naturally suppresses your hunger by reducing the levels of Ghrelin (the hormon