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Lose fat in sleep: ways to burn fat while sleeping !

If you are someone who hates to go to the gym, sucks at keeping a food journal, and hardly moves from the desk, go to a gym. But if you are a fairly active person and looking to head some extra calories in your sleep, I have got some tips for you. Before going any forward, I would like to tell you that every tip in this article is backed by science.Still, these will just assist your progress and should not substitute your healthy routine at any cost. 

1. Take a hot shower
Starting with some pre-bedtime measures, taking a hot shower 30 minutes before sleeping has many unseen benefits. It relieves tension and relaxes muscles avoiding any discomfort and inflammation. 
Not only this but taking a shower also releases several hormones from the brain ( primarily oxytocin ) which also relaxes the body.
Also, the quick rise in temperature increases body core temperature and as soon as we come out temperature drops signaling the body it's bedtime. 
2. Consider taking a casein shake or casein pr…