Exercise's that hurt you more than they benefit you !! : Top 8 exercises you should never perform

It seems rather obvious how many of us tend to neglect certain exercises that do not give us the desirable results. Exercises that rather seems vague in some kind or are too difficult to perform for a beginner. 

Choosing exercises to construct a perfect training routine is optimal when you are trying to build muscle or lose fat. However, there are some exercises that every one of us should avoid so as to avoid any kind of injury or getting undesirable results.

So, let us look upon my top 15 exercises that harm our body more than it benefits us.

Top 15 horrible exercise you should never perform 

1. Dips performed for triceps

These so-called triceps dips are not exactly the exercise you are searching for building triceps. Instead, triceps are only activated because they have to support your body weight.

As you start progressing into the dip while lowering your body the stress shift onto your shoulder (glenohumeral joint) rather than your elbow making it very less challenging to anterior deltoid and increasing load on the shoulder capsule and coracohumeral ligament, increasing the risk of a shoulder injury.

2. Sit up 

Another controversial exercise is sit-up, why setup seems to be excellent exercise nominal muscles and building up that six-pack, have that you always wished for, situp cost can cost you much more than that. 

while sit-up can cause some fatigue in the abdominal muscles it causes major stress on the lumbar spine leading to a chance of injury. 

Another reason why sit up is considered to be e a potentially damaging exercise is because of the reason that it pushes your back against the ground and works more of hip flexor which in turn causes unwanted stress on the lower lumbar of the spinal cord. 

3. Hyperextension 

This exercise may not be a regular in many of our training routines but it is a potential exercise that can cause harm to your body and can cause lower back pain. 

During hyperextension, the knee joint bends the wrong way which often results in swelling, pain, and tissue damage. It also has bad effects on ligaments such as ECL and PCL and the popliteal ligament. 

Another fact that makes this exercise even worse is that by NIH 80% of adults have lower back pain at some point in their life. 

4. Shrugs 

This exercise seems to be a staple in many people's shoulder workouts, shrugs are a great exercise to work out your shoulder but many people take this exercise the wrong way which increases the chance of injury. 

As this exercise seems to be rather is a than the other exercises people tend to use the heaviest weight they can and start shrugging there body as humanly as possible. 

This causes extra stress on the neck and on traps which results in sacrifice in the form.

5. The side bends

Wanted to burn those love handles and side fat? Never do side bends !! Initially popularised by exercise that burns side fat, this exercise causes more harm and damage rather than benefits. 

Lateral side bends compromise the spine position because of the involvement of a lot of lateral bend and twisting. 

6. Jump squats with weights

Trying to build glutes and hamstrings ?? Search for alternatives as this exercise is not the one you are looking for. Adding weights while jumping or while performing jump squats puts a lot of pressure on knees and joints.

 Not only this, the pressure on the back increases resulting in the curving of the back or even worse, damaging it.

Performing squats with bodyweight and simply increasing the repetitions or decreasing rest time is the best way for progression.

7. Behind the neck pulldown

Have you ever pulled the weight behind your neck instead of towards the upper chest while performing lat pulldown ?? If yes, Stop it right now. 

Lat pulldown is an excellent exercise for activation of lat muscles, But while performing it behind the neck the exercise becomes more damaging for not one but many reasons.

Firstly, to perform you have to move your neck forward which results in cranking of the neck causing harm to neck posture.

Secondly, the neck placement in the exercise is very unnatural and promotes bad motor patterning.

This may result in stiffening of your neck and can cause permanent damage to the rotator cuff.   

8. Smith machine exercises

Considering to do deadlift or squats? Don't go for the smith machine, Smith machine causes improper form in many exercises as it limits the range of motion. 

Compromising on the form is the biggest blunder one can do in a gym, it leads to many injuries and often causes pain after the workout.


Any exercise that causes pain or discomfort should be immediately discontinued or should be asked by the trainer or someone who is knowledgable in this field. 


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