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Exercise's that hurt you more than they benefit you !! : Top 8 exercises you should never perform

It seems rather obvious how many of us tend to neglect certain exercises that do not give us the desirable results. Exercises that rather seems vague in some kind or are too difficult to perform for a beginner. 
Choosing exercises to construct a perfect training routine is optimal when you are trying to build muscle or lose fat. However, there are some exercises that every one of us should avoid so as to avoid any kind of injury or getting undesirable results.
So, let us look upon my top 15 exercises that harm our body more than it benefits us.

Top 15 horrible exercise you should never perform 

1. Dips performed for triceps
These so-called triceps dips are not exactly the exercise you are searching for building triceps. Instead, triceps are only activated because they have to support your body weight.As you start progressing into the dip while lowering your body the stress shift onto your shoulder (glenohumeral joint)rather than your elbow making it very less challenging to anterior deltoi…