Body recomposition: The realistic approach

Deciding what to eat and when to eat can be daunting many times. People tend to approach their fitness goals by either cutting or bulking or simply reducing the number of calories they are eating. Many people drastically cut their Calories and increase the cardiovascular exercise in order to expand more energy this may result in a weight loss, but it's likely to trim both fat and muscle mass which is not an ideal approach towards the fat loss process. 

While many people look at body recomposition as an impossible goal or something which cannot be achieved in a near future, studies are shown that it is the most realistic approach as a beginner or even as a de-trained individual. 

Many people tend to neglect the role of resistance training or weight training in the process of weight loss and do lots of cardio and cardiovascular exercise when it comes to the weight loss journey. 

But body recomposition is all about finding the right balance between the diet and exercise. Following different training protocol and different kinds of diet do less good to an individual who has just started training or have been away from training for a while now. 

What is body recomposition ??

Body recomposition is simply a routine which preserves muscle mass and loses fat at the same time. Modification in training protocol and diet is done in order to achieve your fitness goals faster and with efficiency. 

Though it is necessary to be in a calorie deficit while trying to lose fat it is not necessary to be in a caloric surplus when it comes to building muscle mass or preserving it. For Building muscle mass is to be on the higher end of nitrogen balance.

When it comes to body recomposition there are many factors that affect how an individual can achieve its goals. Primary factors being the diet quality and the training protocol. 

Even though Body recomposition primarily concentrates on reducing the amount of fat and preserving or even increasing the muscle mass at the same time, it depends on person to person how one should modify its diet according to it. 

Body recomposition can benefit primary 3 types of the individual -

1. The first one being the skinny fat - 

Someone who is skinny fat has low levels of muscle mass and a moderate to a high level of body fat, particularly around its stomach and lower belly fat and around love handles. 

A skinny and individual have a normal BMI but a high level of body fat percentage, a calorie deficit will do no good for them and they have to increase their muscle mass in order to look lean. 

2. Second, comes the individual which de-trained-

Someone who has not gone to the gym for a while or has taken a break from the training will find that they can drop their body fat and increase lean muscle mass at the same time very quickly. Majorly due to the muscle memory which is retained by the muscle. 

3. Third, comes the individual who has great genetics 

4. Forth are the people who have a higher fat percentage-

Individuals with higher fat percentage tend to gain muscle mass even by being in a calorie deficit because of higher amounts of fat stored in the body. Though body recomposition can certainly help these individuals primarily focusing on cutting fat from the body is a more realistic approach for them.

If you fall in any of the above-stated categories you can simply take the advantage of body recomposition. 

Studies are constantly pointed towards body recomposition being the most effective and most beneficial for a large number of individuals. 

Stating that most of the people in the world fall in the above-stated categories, body recomposition is the go-to for many people. 

How to approach body recomposition?

The next question which comes to mind of many is how to approach body recomposition, body recomposition mainly includes two parameters one being losing fat and another being is preserving or gaining muscle mass.

When it comes to fat the main deal is to be in a caloric deficit. Increasing calorie expenditure or decreasing the number of calorie intake at the best method for losing body fat. Besides this cutting out process food and reducing the carbohydrate intake will help you reach your goals faster. Increasing the consumption of healthy fats and fiber can increase fullness and decrease fat storage at the same time. 

Trying high-intensity interval training or HIIT if another great way of increasing the calorie expenditure. HIIT is not only effective in decreasing body fat but also increases the metabolic rate for hours after the training. 

Also increasing the consumption of high thermic foods and reducing liquid calories can certainly help you in achieving your goals faster and with more efficiency.

Cycling calories in a week is another great way of helping one lose weight fast without losing muscle mass. It includes increasing calorie consumption on training days and reducing the consumption on the rest days to keep weekly calories near maintenance.

Increasing your protein intake to around 1-1.2/ lbs is a great way of preserving muscle mass and also gaining muscle. Consuming a diet rich in protein has been shown to reduce fat while preserving lean body mass studies done on overweight adults show that increasing the amount of protein in the diet has preserved the muscle mass and also at the same time reduce the body fat. 

Setting your macros accordingly will help you achieve goals faster, focusing on protein, and keeping both carbohydrates and fats in moderation will do the job for the most.

When it comes to training research show that following a training protocol with a minimum of 2 days of strength training per week and including compound exercises, squats, bench presses, push up and other muscle-building exercises give the ideal condition for the muscle to grow. 

Supplements to promote body recomposition 

Studies have shown that certain supplements can be used in promoting body recomposition, it is totally up to you that whether you want to use the supplement or you want to follow a normal diet.

Most people use supplements to consume whole and complete protein sources in their diet. Protein sources that contain high amounts of essential amino acids especially the branched-chain amino acid leucine are most effective at promoting muscle growth. Whey protein or Casein protein is another type of protein powder that helps in increasing lean muscle mass. 

Supplementing with whey, casein, pea protein or hemp powder is a practical way to increase your daily protein consumption. Including whole foods like vegetables and fruits can be very beneficial as they have high satiety value and can keep you full for a longer time. 

Studies conducted show that individuals consuming casein protein and doing strength training 3 times a week show a most increase in muscle and a higher decrease in body fat.

Supplementing with other supplements like fish oil tablets with omega-3 and omega-6 healthy fats and multivitamins with RDA recommended concentrations can speed up your progress.

Bottom line

Body recomposition is a possible and very effective way to transform the body for many individuals. As a newbie or a detained individual, our body is primed for growth and tends to increase its muscle mass very quickly.


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