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Body recomposition: The realistic approach

Deciding what to eat and when to eat can be daunting many times. People tend to approach their fitness goals by either cutting or bulking or simply reducing the number of calories they are eating. Many people drastically cut their Calories and increase the cardiovascular exercise in order to expand more energy this may result in a weight loss, but it's likely to trim both fat and muscle mass which is not an ideal approach towards the fat loss process. 

While many people look at body recomposition as an impossible goal or something which cannot be achieved in a near future, studies are shown that it is the most realistic approach as a beginner or even as a de-trained individual. 
Many people tend to neglect the role of resistance training or weight training in the process of weight loss and do lots of cardio and cardiovascular exercise when it comes to the weight loss journey. 
But body recomposition is all about finding the right balance between the diet and exercise. Following diffe…