Top 5 exercises for full body workout: Target every muscle in body....

Full-body workouts are taking the spotlight in today's world. With people struggling to squeeze out the time of their busy schedule, Everyone is looking for a perfect workout to get started. Staying fit doesn't always require investing hours lifting and doing cardio every single day. 

Training smart should be your goal. Doing weight training and cardio in an adequate amount without compromising on anything is the way to go.

Choosing compound movements over isolation and focusing primarily on mind-muscle coordination is great and will help you achieve your goal faster.

Prioritizing sleep and diet is a great way to give muscle green light to grow. Eating 1-1.2 g protein per lbs and sleeping 7-8 hrs. daily promote muscle growth. 

Here is my schedule for a perfect full-body workout targeting every muscle group -

1. HIIT Cardio

Perfect for those looking to lose weight fast and maintaining lean muscle mass. High-Intensity Interval Training is a short burst of cardio, It elevates the heart rate of the person to 80% of its maximum efficiency for usually 2-6 min.

With lower rest periods and lower rest time, the body uses stored fat to provide energy. It has many proven benefits which include not only developing cardiovascular strength but also promoting the growth of lean muscle mass.

A perfect HIIT workout majorly works in 3 phases. Starting with warm-up exercises for 2-3 minutes, Followed by 3-4 circuits of your main workout with minimum rest in between  (30 sec. to 40 sec.). The last phase is cool-down stretches like child pose or bicep stretches.

A sample workout plan is- 

Phase 1- Warm-up stretches
             1. Standing lunges
             2. Cobra stretch
             3. Jogging leg lift

Perform each exercise for 20 sec.

Phase 2- Main exercises
             1. Jumping jacks squats
            2. Inchworm
            3. Fast feet
            4. Burpees
            5. Jumping without ropes

Perform each exercise for 30 sec. Repeat all exercises one after the other. After each circuit takes a break of 30 seconds before starting the 2nd circuit. Repeat this       3 times.

Phase 3- Cooldown excersices
            1. Child pose
            2. Butterfly 
            3. shoulder scissors 

Perform each for 20 sec...

Depending on your goal adjust HIIT in your workout routine. If your goal is cardiovascular endurance, HIIT should be done before resistance training and if it's to lose body fat, Do it in the end.

2. Bench press

One of the best upper body exercises, It targets the chest, triceps, anterior deltoids, and pectoralis major. A perfect compound movement that helps you maximizing muscle gains. Including different variations of bench press helps you target different muscles. 

Bench press variations include- 

1. Traditional bench press- Traditional bench press is a perfect exercise for the amateur. Based on the type of grip on the barbell, the Bench press can be tricep dominant or chest dominant. 

Tricep dominant bench press has more emphasis on elbow extension with the grip being narrower than chest dominant bench press. 

In the chest dominant bench press, the Grip is slightly wider than the shoulder level which shifts the emphasis to shoulder flexion.

2. Inclined bench press- A more of an upper chest and shoulder exercise. Setting bench at an inclined angle of 45 degrees to 60 degrees and leaning back straight. Exhaling while lifting the weight towards the ceiling and inhaling while retracting. 

3. Declined bench press-  Declined bench press is more of a lower chest exercise. In the decline bench press, the bench is set 15-30 degrees lower than the chest. Done with the body in a downward slope, it activates lower pectoral muscles.

Decline and incline bench press is great for fixing muscle imbalance as they target different parts of the chest dominantly. 

Exposing the body at different angles is great for both hypertrophy and endurance giving the muscle a chance to grow evenly.

 3. pull-ups 

An excellent compound exercise for the back, it is perfect for muscle hypertrophy and increasing back strength. 

Pull up is a closed chain movement in which the body is suspended on a bar, Wherewith the help of shoulder and back muscles, the torso is pulled towards the bar.

Personally, I recommend starting with 5 pull-ups daily as a beginner and adding after mastering the technique. Pull-ups not only improve muscle strength but also increases overall body strength and fitness level. 

Focusing on the 3 major movements( Concentric, Isometric, and Eccentric) should be the goal. The major steps to follow while performing a pull up are- 
1. Starting at the bottom with active hang, Pressurize your shoulder and a little biceps by shouting your shoulder and bringing them close to your ears.
2. Concentric movement should be a combined effort of both shoulder blades and arms.

3. As soon as reaching the top, Concentrate on isometric movement at the top. Rest at the top for 2-3 sec. before beginning a negative movement. 

4. While following eccentric movement, Make slow progression backward focusing on arms and shoulder.

Pull up targets nearly all upper body muscle with back, shoulder, and biceps being most activated.

4. Deadlift

The best exercise targets nearly every muscle in both the upper body and lower body. A perfect deadlift contributes to a stronger core and correct posture.  

Deadlift targets the waist, back, hamstrings, neck( middle trapezius and upper trapezius), and many other small muscles. Being a basic human movement most of us do deadlift in our daily life in one way or the other.

Deadlift however if not performed correctly can be injurious. The correct order to follow while performing deadlift is- 

1. Place your feet slightly apart and hips slightly wider than shoulder level. 

2. Place the barbell over your feet.

3.  Bend pushing hips backward and griping the barbell with both hands at nearly shoulder width.

4. Bend your knees until your shins touch the bar. Keep your chin up before lifting so that your spine has a neutral position. 

5. keeping feet grounded on the floor, lift the bar pushing the hips forward.

6. Aim to maintain a strong spine from the beginning of the lift to the end. Do this by keeping your chest up to prevent your torso from hunching forwards over the bar.

7. Reverse the movement and repeat. 

There are 2 types of grips- One being reverse grip and the other over the bar grip. Both are great for muscle gain. Reverse grip is used more In the case of muscle imbalance but if using otherwise also make sure to switch the grip set wise. 

5. Bicycle crunches

As the name suggests, This exercise is a hybrid of bicycles and crunches. It targets both upper abs and lower abs along with obliques. besides this, it also targets quads, hamstrings, and thighs. 

Bicycle crunches id done in the following way- 

1. Starting with lying on the ground with legs stretched out. The lower back should lie flat on the ground. Place your hands behind your head with elbows not tucked and shoulder relaxed on the floor.

2. Open up feet shoulder height and bend your knees at 90 degrees. Contract your core engaging abs muscles. 

3. Lift your feet off the ground. Exhale and proceed with the first pedal motion.

4. Moving left leg toward the right elbow by squeezing abs and twisting torso. Extend the other leg straight. Make sure your shoulder blades are off the ground. 

5. Alternate this twist with the other leg keeping the core always engaged.

6. Repeat exercise 15-20 times performing 3 sets. 

Keep your neck out of staining. Always keep the neck in a neutral position and not pulling it towards abs. 



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