Positive aspects of Chewing a gum....How healthy it is??

Ever thought how a chewing gum may affect your health? This small piece of synthetic rubber has many benefits when consumed in moderation. Modern chewing gums are made of majorly 6 different components, each effecting our body in both positive as well as negative way...

1. Gum base
2. Sweeteners
3. Softeners/Plasticizers
4. Added flavors
5. A hard or powdered polyol coating 

With most components being the same in all commercialized gums, Choice of gum depends primarily on the type of sweetener added.

98% gums contain either natural or artificial sweeteners like Xylitol, Sorbitol, Aspartame, or Malitol. 

Some of the key benefits of gums many people are not aware of are-

1. Dental benefits

Though sugar-sweetened gums may not solve your problem, sugar-free gums are definitely going to help you. eating sugar-free gum which will help prevent tooth decay and cavity development. 

Moreover, Xylitol also prevents bad breath and being a safer choice as compared to other artificial sweeteners, it also prevents Streptococcus Mutans, a bacteria responsible for tooth decay. 

Sorbitol, another artificial sweetener is 1/3 rd as efficient as Xylitol and is another good choice.

Not only this, chewing gum increases saliva production which helps in washing away any debris stuck in between teeth.

2. A great choice for weight watchers

Studies done show chewing gum reduces calorie intake by 60%-70%, Thus making a calorie deficit at the end of the day.

Containing only 5 kcal. per stick, they are also very good for those who binge eat. They reduce appetite and some studies have also pointed towards there ability to increase metabolic rate.

Not all studies, however, favor this result, Some even shows there is no to negligible effects on the appetite and daily energy intake.

However as it includes movement of lower jaw muscles, it may contribute in burning some calories. 

3. It helps improve concentration and memory aka. cognitive domain

Studies show that chewing gum can help improve memory. As it increases oxygen flow to the brain.

 Studies done in 2011 proves that chewing gum helps improve cognitive function and test performances. 

Studies indicate eating chewing gum also lowers cortisol level, Which results in lower stress levels. Also eating gums lowers anxiety and fatigue levels. 

4. Benefits related to digestion

Chewing gum has surprisingly unbelievable benefits when it comes to the digestive system. 
It regulates bowel movement along with the production of saliva. Excess saliva production helps in better digestion of food. 

Production of gastric gases stimulates bowel movement, This is why chewing gum is exceptionally good for people who underwent surgery.

5. Relives ear pressure

Ever felt sizzling sound when traveling in plane? Chewing gum can certainly help you with this. The fluctuating air pressure can be annoying at times, Gum helps in the production of saliva and regulating airflow and thus helps in equalizing air pressure. 

Some studies also prove benefits regarding ear infection in children. Xylitol in gum helps in preventing ear infection in children.

6. Helps quit smoking 

For those who are looking to quit smoking, Nicotine gums could help. Nicotine gums is over the counter, medicated gums helps you quit smoking by creating a physical addiction to nicotine. 

However, these gums contain nicotine in very less amount as compared to tobacco and cigarettes and are also sugar-free.

7. Helps fight Drowsiness... 
Felling Drizzy, Chew a gum and you are good to go outside. Due to the movement of a couple of facial muscles, Chewing gum helps to tune the brain on. 

By highlighting cerebral activity, it increases alertness and increases blood flow to the same.


  1. Amazing interesting facts on
    salient features of chewing gum
    Good going keep it up

  2. Very informative article with lots of takeaways. Would love to have some information on advantages of being vegetarian ,incase Sir if you can throw some light on it.Thanks


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