Liquid calories: The barrier to your progress....

Liquid calories have a huge impact on our goals. Often ignored when it comes to diet, these can significantly help you achieve your goals faster and efficiently.

Filled with loads of sugar and preservatives to push forward their shelf life, these drinks are not only hazardous for your health but also are junction for many diseases. 

Consuming these pre-packed drinks can cause cracks in your goals and can easily make you gain all the weight you lost. Not only these studies done on this shows individuals consuming these empty calories have gain weight at a much faster rate than those who don't. 

Just a glass of soda or pre-packed coffee contains hundreds of dead calories that have no nutritional value

An average person working drinks around 600-700 liquid calories in a day. Juices are a great lie in today's world, a normal bottle of pre-packaged orange drink contains around 30%-40% sugar and preservatives.  

Most of us tangle the concept of feeling hungry and feeling thirsty. One cannot quench his or her thirst simply by drinking a bottle of soda. Our thirst depends on the amount of water present in blood and cell, Once our blood and cell volume is increased by water, our thirst is quenched. 

There are several studies done on why liquid calories are less satisfying and high on calories, most of these points towards the cognitive functions of the brain on mouth feel of liquid versus solid calories. As liquid moves faster, there is less time involvement which results in reduced physiological satisfaction. 

Another point towards the fast movement of liquid through the intestine resulting in less nutrient absorption. However, different drinks suppresses ghrelin or hunger-inducing hormone to different extends. 

Gulping down on hundreds of calories that does no good to your body is not the right choice if you are looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

So what is the right drink??

Our body is 70% water. Water not only hydrates our body but also helps in digestion, absorption, and also in nutrients transportation. 

Moreover, water is a zero-calorie beverage, which in no case harm your goals. It helps kidney function efficiently and throwing toxins outside of your body. 

Our muscles are moreover almost 80% water, or lungs almost 85% and our skin 65%.

The best option to restrict your calories is to drink water whenever feeling craved for a bottle of coke or soda. 

Now, here are my top 7 drinks that are definitely sabotaging you...

1. Pre-packaged juices

These juices should be the drink that is fooling nearly all the people. Sold as being healthy and nutrient-rich, these are completely the opposite of what is mentioned. 

High in calories, this so-called health drinks are taking you to a dead end. Just 200-300 ml of these contain a staggering of 200-300 calories with 50% of those coming from sugar. 

2. Energy drinks

These are another big lie to the fitness industries. Usually sold and presented as good for heavy lifters, these are also filled with sugar and preservatives. 

Consuming these can cause heart problems and possesses some serious health risks. 

Also containing high amounts of caffeine they are highly addictive.

3. Alcohol

Not a new to the list of bad drinks, alcohol has similar problems. Being high in sugar and filled with empty calories, Alcohol opens the doors for many diseases and disorders.  

Causing some serious health issues, Alcohol is the major reason for obesity in the world. 

4. Diet drinks or sparkling water

Diet drinks are taking a new place in the market. Mentioned as a low-calorie beverage, these did not really quench your thirst.

Studies show as there are no nutrients in these drinks, they don't really suppress ghrelin and just add calories to your diet. 

Added with artificial sweeteners, these have a much higher potency than normal sugar and can actually lead to crave you more for sweets and sugar. 

5. Specialty coffee 

Coffee from cafes and restaurants is equally responsible for your bulging belly. 

With added sugar, these are topped with syrups and whipped cream.
All these collectively increase your daily calorie count. 

Also coffee is highly addictive as it contains caffeine.

6. soda 

Soda is another low satiety, sugar-filled beverage. Drank usually in compliment with the meal and on outings, soda is almost 90% sugar.

Drinking soda in excess can result in becoming resistant to the effect of insulin which increases body fat percentage. 

It can increase the risk of type-2 diabetes and heart disease. 

7. Cocktails and mocktails

Drinking cocktails and cocktails are equally hazardous for our body as any other drink. Filled with all those bad white sugar and alcohol, these do no good to the body. 

Bottom line...

If you want to drop your fat percentage and become fit, start the journey by swapping all the drinks with water.

Restricting your calorie intake will be much easier by decreasing your liquid calorie consumption or consuming them only occasionally. 


  1. Liquid calories are generally latent calories that one fails to notice.
    Would be more mindful on these in future


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