Get your dream physique in 30 days......Start with HIIT or high intensity interval training

Looking for a great way to transform your muffin top into six-pack abs? It's not that complicated as you are thinking. HIIT aka. High-intensity interval training is the best way to approach your dream physique without much time pounding money on gym fees and dumbells.

World health organization or WHO recommends 30 minutes of anaerobic activity 5 times a week for maintaining body cardiorespiratory and muscular fitness. HIIT is a perfect road to take to accomplish your body health without investing too much time.

So what exactly is High-Intensity Interval Training?

HIIT a form of exercise generally performed for 15-20 minutes. It includes High-intensity excersices usually with bodyweight rotated with a low-intensity recovery period.

The period ranges from 20 seconds to 120 seconds with recovery periods of 30 seconds to relax and prepare mentally before starting the next circuit.

Benefits of High-Intensity Interval Training 

HIIT has been a staple in many gym-goers. Not only it is effective but also it has tons of other benefits. 

Planning a perfect HIIT workout post or pre-workout can offer you unmatchable benefits.

1. Increases cardiovascular strength

Studies repeatedly emphasize the benefit of anaerobic excersices on overall cardiovascular health. 

With many benefits on the heart and reduce the deposition of fat in blood vessels, it reduces the risk of heart diseases, strokes, or heart failure.

2. Growth of lean muscle muscles

Some studies suggest because of the intensive use of the lower and upper body with a low recovery period, HIIT can surely increase lean muscle mass in some individuals. 

However, not many studies agree with the same. As overall fat reduction results in loss of some muscle mass, HIIT is definitely going to reduces the least muscle mass as compared to other types of cardiovascular excersices.

3. Burns lot of calories in a short amount of time 

HIIT burns around 35-40% more calories as compared to other types of excersices like strength training in the same amount of time.

Studies show a 20 minute HIIT workout accompanied by good form can decrease body fat percentage much faster than steady-state cardio.

4. Healthier heart

By decreasing overall body fat percentage, HIIT results in reducing stress on the heart for pumping blood. Along with this, it lowers blood cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

5. No equipment needed

HIIT workout is designed with body weight and is thus performed without any additional investment on dumbells or weights.

Not only this, but HIIT workout can also be performed anywhere and can be performed at any time.

6. Increase oxygen consumption

While performing a HIIT workout, The heart rate levels are elevated to approximately 80% of the normal. This increase Overall oxygen consumption by the body and thus providing many benefits to the cardiorespiratory system. 

Studies done show similar results on increase consumption of oxygen by the body.

7. Mental health 

Doing HIIT increases serotonin production in the brain which increases mental clarity and mental health.

It also results in cognitive development and combat mental depression.

8. Time-efficient

One of the biggest advantages of HIIT is that it is easy to fit in most individuals schedule. 
It is only 15-20 minutes in length is very beneficial for those who can't afford to go to gym. 

It help you to commit to your schedule without compromising on your work or social life. 

9. Increased metabolic rate

Several studies show HIIT increases metabolic rate even hours after exercise. 

How to get started...

Planning HIIT is not that difficult. Just be determined and decide to go for it for at least 30 days. 

Start by deciding what is your goal, If its weight loss or muscle gain.

Those looking to lose weight should do HIIT before strength training or should do HIIT on alternate days with increased intensity.

Those looking to gain lean muscle mass, should do short sessions of HIIT after weight training.

Majorly Before jumping straight into the workout, Plan your workout according to your convenience. 

Start by choosing exercise you can perform with correct form and with maintaining a speed.
This can be any exercise like burpees, jogging, fast feet, skipping, Or simple jumping on the spot. 

Proceed by deciding the work period and the rest period. Beginners can start by starting with 1/3 work period and 2/3 exercise period. 

Last is to decide workout length and sticking to schedule throughout the workout.

Starting with just one exercise performed in loop can work well for most, By each week add an exercise keeping in mind the form and work period.

Additional benefits can be gained by incorporating bodyweight compound exercises like burpees, squats, wall holds, or pull-ups at the end of each circuit.

Sample HIIT workout plan look like-


perform each exercise for about 20 sec.

                1. Reverse lunges with both legs
                2. Air squats

Main excersices

Performing each exercise for 30 seconds simultaneously
Take 30-second rest period after burpees and repeat
Perform each circuit 3 times
                1. Jumping jacks
                2. Fast feet
                  3. Plank
                  4. Burpees

Cooldown stretches

Perform each exercise for 20 seconds before finishing off

                  1. Child pose
                  2. Reclined butterfly pose


Looking at the overall health benefits offered by HIIT to not only physical health but also mental health is phenomenal. 

Incorporating HIIT 3-4 times in your schedule in a week is the best deal. 

HIIT works more than any other steady-state cardio in pushing you towards your goals.


  1. HIIT is the new way to go. .
    Good description on the same

  2. Would like to know if this is good for all age groups? Can Middle aged (45 - 55) do HIIT?

    1. Anyone can do HIIT...
      Just start with low intensity work period


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