Farmer's Walk or Farmer's carry: The underdog of fitness world.....

Farmer's walk is one of the most potential exercises to train almost every muscle of our body. Not only used as a compound movement to finish the workout with a blast, but it is also very easy to perform. 

Inspired by Regular day to day human movements, Farmer's walk is designed for everyone from beginner to bodybuilders. 

It works on every aspect of our body from conditioning to muscular endurance and from power to strength development. With a ton of benefits offered with the least risk of injury, it is an easy choice for those who are new to the gym.

What are it's benefits?

Farmer's walk offers some incredible benefits ranging from benefiting your posture to building some remote muscles of our body. 

1. Builds abs and obliques

Abs are among the most affected muscles by this exercise. Performing isolated abs movements can do little good if performed daily.

Farmer walk not only the work on stabilizing your core but also works on strengthening your core. Building a strong six-pack abs with definition is every men's dream and farmer's walk can definitely perform a lead role in that. 

2. Grip strengthening

Before diving straight into lifting weights overhead or performing a pull-up, many of you must consider strengthening your grip to keep injuries at bay. 

Farmer's walk can definitely help you with this, this exercise targets wrist, forearm, shoulder, biceps and back muscles to work in a chorus. This results in much improvement in gripping ability and avoid hand from slipping. 

3. Tones forearms, shoulder and traps

Not only beneficial for abs, Farmer's walk when performed with proper form it tones forearms and back muscles to the same extend. 

Scheduling a separate session for training forearms can be difficult for many people. Training them with other muscles gives an advantage. Providing muscles with proper resistance gives muscle to the environment they need to grow.

4. Improving posture

Every fifth Indian have a bad posture. Sitting at the desk all the time and staring at a screen seems to be the biggest culprits. 

Farmer's walk can certainly help you here. Because of intensive engagement of abs supplemented with toning of back muscles, Farmer's walk can improve your posture by a level. 

Avoid your body to sink or sag while performing and it will surely increase muscle mind coordination and work towards improving posture. 

5. Reduces risk of injury 

Being a natural human movement, the risk of injury is very low. However, it does depend on your form and the variation you are performing.

Performing farmers' walk with proper form is very important to activate all the body muscles and provide maximum benefit.

How to do farmer's walk?

Performing Farmer's walk is really easy. Keeping in mind certain small details, anyone can perform it only with two dumbells.

Just by holding two dumbells with a pronated grip on your sides. Without leaning on one side, keep your back straight avoiding arching inwards or outwards. 

Keep your shoulder tight and back straight is really the key element to focus on. 


If you are an intermediate or beginner who is looking for a less challenging exercise, you can try some variations like-

1. Kettlebell carry

Kettlebell are specially designed ball like weights. There design and handle make it a comparatively easier deal than walking with dumbells or barbells. 

2. One arm carry 

Generally used by professionals for eliminating muscle imbalances and embracing core stability. 

While performing, keep your body aligned and back as straight as possible engaging core as much.

3. Sandbag variation

Using a sandbag instead of dumbells is not a great choice when it comes to strengthening your grip. 

This variation shifts focus mostly on increasing aerobic capacity rather than targeting abs. 

Just hump a sandbag on your shoulder and walk as fast as you can by taking quick, small steps.

Why Farmer's lift

Studies done on the farmers walk shows some extraordinary results and prove why it is a great exercise. 

Studies done on biochemical characteristics of farmer's walk, deadlift, and unloaded walk show there are significantly higher mean vertical and anterior forces in farmer's walk as compared to deadlift. 

Many studies also shows farmers lift as a great full-body exercise.


Farmer's walk is a great full-body exercise but is underused by many beginners, Start slowly with farmer's walk and adding the weight with time.


  1. Great information on working out all potential musles and can be performed by all age groups as per ones weight carring capacity. . Relatively easier to perform. .


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