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Liquid calories: The barrier to your progress....

Liquid calories have a huge impact on our goals. Often ignored when it comes to diet, these can significantly help you achieve your goals faster and efficiently.Enable GingerCannot connect to Ginger Check your internet connection
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Filled with loads of sugar and preservatives to push forward their shelf life, these drinks are not only hazardous for your health but also are junction for many diseases. 
Consuming these pre-packed drinks can cause cracks in your goals and can easily make you gain all the weight you lost. Not only these studies done on this shows individuals consuming these empty calories have gain weight at a much faster rate than those who don't. 
Just a glass of soda or pre-packed coffee contains hundreds of dead calories that have no nutritional value. 
An average person working drinks around 600-700 liquid calories in a day. Juices are a great lie in today's world, a normal bottle of p…

Farmer's Walk or Farmer's carry: The underdog of fitness world.....

Farmer's walk is one of the most potential exercises to train almost every muscle of our body. Not only used as a compound movement to finish the workout with a blast, but it is also very easy to perform. Enable GingerCannot connect to Ginger Check your internet connection
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Inspired by Regular day to day human movements, Farmer's walk is designed for everyone from beginner to bodybuilders. 
It works on every aspect of our body from conditioning to muscular endurance and from power to strength development. With a ton of benefits offered with the least risk of injury, it is an easy choice for those who are new to the gym.
What are it's benefits?Farmer's walk offers some incredible benefits ranging from benefiting your posture to building some remote muscles of our body.
1. Builds abs and obliquesAbs are among the most affected muscles by this exercise. Performing isolated abs movements can do lit…

Get your dream physique in 30 days......Start with HIIT or high intensity interval training

Looking for a great way to transform your muffin top into six-pack abs? It's not that complicated as you are thinking. HIIT aka. High-intensity interval training is the best way to approach your dream physique without much time pounding money on gym fees and dumbells.
World health organization or WHO recommends 30 minutes of anaerobic activity 5 times a week for maintaining body cardiorespiratory and muscular fitness. HIIT is a perfect road to take to accomplish your body health without investing too much time.
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So what exactly is High-Intensity Interval Training?
HIIT a form of exercise generally performed for 15-20 minutes. It includes High-intensity excersices usually with bodyweight rotated with a low-intensity recovery period.
The period ranges from 20 seconds to 120 seconds with recovery periods of 30 seconds to relax and prepare men…

How being vegetarian helps you....pros and cons of being a vegetarian

Being vegetarian is a new trend. From trying a vegan diet which instructs to eliminate all animal-based food to trying a more simplistic approach. With 40% of Indians following a vegetarian diet, being vegetarian is quite common in India as compared to the world. 

Many people also acclimatized to a vegetarian diet because - 
- Ethical reasons  - Growing concerns about malpractices for increasing production  - Following a healthy lifestyle - Religious beliefs

But while it seems to be so common, is it really worth turning your lifestyle vegetarian.  There are majorly 4 types of vegetarian, each diet loses somewhere and have some solid gains. The diet namely are-
1. Lacto-Ovo Vegetarians - People following this diet eat dairy and eggs but strictly restricts from meat and fish.
2. Lacto vegetarians - People following this diet eat dairy but not eggs, meat, or fish. 
3. Ovo vegetarian - People following this diet eat eggs but restricts from eating dairy, meat, or fish. 
4. vegans - The harshest of all…

Top 5 exercises for full body workout: Target every muscle in body....

Full-body workouts are taking the spotlight in today's world. With people struggling to squeeze out time of there busy schedule, Everyone is looking for a perfect workout to get started. Staying fit doesn't always require investing hours lifting and doing cardio every single day. 

Training smart should be your goal. Doing weight training and cardio in an adequate amount without compromising on anything is the way to go.
Choosing compound movements over isolation and focusing primarily on mind-muscle coordination is great and will help you achieve your goal faster.
Prioritizing sleep and diet is a great way to give muscle green light to grow. Eating 1-1.2 g protein per lbs and sleeping 7-8 hrs. daily promote muscle growth. 
Here is my schedule for a perfect full-body workout targeting every muscle group -
1. HIIT Cardio
Perfect for those looking to lose weight fast and maintaining lean muscle mass. High-Intensity Interval Training is a short burst of cardio, It elevates the heart rat…

Positive aspects of Chewing a gum....How healthy it is??

Ever thought how a chewing gum may affect your health? This small piece of synthetic rubber has many benefits when consumed in moderation. Modern chewing gums are made of majorly 6 different components, each effecting our body in both positive as well as negative way...Enable GingerCannot connect to Ginger Check your internet connection
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1. Gum base 2. Sweeteners 3. Softeners/Plasticizers 4. Added flavors 5. A hard or powdered polyol coating 
With most components being the same in all commercialized gums, Choice of gum depends primarily on the type of sweetener added.

98% gums contain either natural or artificial sweeteners like Xylitol, Sorbitol, Aspartame, or Malitol. 

Some of the key benefits of gums many people are not aware of are-
1. Dental benefits
Though sugar-sweetened gums may not solve your problem, sugar-free gums are definitely going to help you. eating sugar-free gum which will help prevent tooth decay…