Post Workout Shower: Which is better Hot Water Bath Or Cold Water ??

Considered as one of the most debatable topics in the fitness community. Choosing the temperature of your shower can be a confusing task. Based on many factors one can select an effective post-workout shower suited for his/her body.

 Apart from seasonal conditions and physical conditions available, What is so great about each shower. Let's find out by looking at some key benefits each type of shower offers and who should prefer which.

Hot water shower: The greatness it offers...

Often people underestimate hot shower, With many proven benefits it offers as a post-workout refreshment, It does wonder when taken within 1 hour of your workout.
Some of its benefits include-

- Open Respiratory airways: Hot water helps clear nasal passage and water clogged lungs

- Improves sleep by relaxing muscles: Hot water smoothes stiff muscle caused by exercise as it improves blood circulation

- Relieves Nasal congestion

- Improve brain health

- Open pores and cleanses the skin: Hot water opens up the pores on the skin and clears all the dirt and grease trapped, Thus making it look clear

- Reduce tiredness and headache

- Improve Cardiovascular health 

However, with many benefits, hot water bath also have some downside to be noted-

- Hot water can cause skin to dry out, irritate and can cause a worse condition of Eczema

- Hot water can cause skin infections as it absorbs moisture from the skin

- Hot water damages Keratin cells which can further lead to decreased absorption of moisture

Cold water bath: The greatness it offers...

Ever craved of a refreshing and chilled cold water bath after an exhausting session at the gym, Most of us do. Cold water not only has many benefits but also is psychologically very satisfying.

Some of the benefits of cold water are-

- Tightens the skin by constricting the blood flow: Cold water strengthens cuticles and does not dry sebum, a natural lubricating for your skin and hair

- Reduces tension in mind: Cold water constricts blood circulation on the outer surface of the body, resulting in faster circulation of blood in deeper tissues

- Stimulates the immune system

- Accelerates metabolism

- Lower Cortisol levels

- Boosts Weight loss: As cold water lowers Cortisol or flight or fight hormone, It lowers stress and aids in fat loss. In addition, it also burns brown fat

Like Hot water, Cold water also have some downsides-

- Not a good idea if the external environmental condition is not favorable

- not ideal if you're sick as it can make the situation worse

Conclusion: what is the result...

Many researchers and scientists believe that you should choose according to your body type and physical conditions. Ideally many recommend using lukewarm water normally.

In my personal opinion, Starting with warm water for 1-2 minutes to open up pores and improve overall blood circulation followed by cold water to tighten the pores and relieve the stress. In this approach, your body gains maximum benefit from both the type of showers.


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