5 Unexpected foods to carve your stubborn fat...

Deciding what to eat from day to night can be very frustrating at times. With many restriction, the diet tend to lose flexibility and becomes very rigid. At Hemchem we aim To provide easily accessible, pocket-friendly, and seasonable food to achieve your goals at the earliest.  

Here we present 5 unexpected foods that will carve your stubborn fat and give you the abs you always dream of. Just keep in mind the following parameters before you set a regime to follow-

-  Allergies/ Intolerance
-  Include nutrient-dense foods
-  Follow a diet which is sustainable 

Following a healthy diet, workout regime, and sleep pattern is all that you need to achieve your goals. Patience and consistency came in hand in hand with these. 

Here are 5 unexpected foods to carve your stubborn fat-

1. Whole Eggs 

The topper Of our list without any doubt. It is the superfood for those looking to shred kilos fast. This food Has Amazing food benefits like-

- Quality protein
- healthy fat 
- Excellent content of vitamins and minerals ( A Egg contains all vitamins except vit. c)
- Reduce appetite as it suppress Ghrelin, The hunger hormone
- It Increase metabolism Which in turn increase Nutrition partitioning 
- High Satiety index and stable glucose and insulin response
Whole Eggs 

2. Salmon

This amazing fish is not something to miss on your diet. It not only helps your body but also is pocket friendly and helps you achieve your goals with ease.
It provide incredible Health benefits like-

- Amazing Source of Omega 3 Fatty acids(DHA/EPA)
- DHA helps in replenishing body energy and in many functions of Heart
- It improve our immune system
- High in Vitamins And protein Makes it a perfect lunch
- It provide 18% Rda recommended potassium 
- It contains antioxidant astaxanthin which gives it its red color and lower down LDL or bad cholesterol level 
- It therefore, reduces the risk of heart diseases.

3. oats and oatmeal

Often ignored because of high carbs content, This food is no less than a boon to bodybuilders and weight losers. Oatmeal sets to be the perfect day opener with loads of health benefits and the ability to prove its worth. It justification includes as follows-

- High in Fibre Beta-Glucan helps in shredding Areas with stubborn fat and lower LDL aka. bad cholesterol.
- Low in Fat and gluten-free
- Lowers blood sugar level
- filled with manganese, phosphorus, copper, iron, zinc, folate vitamin B1 and B5.
- Antioxidant Avenanthramide rich it has anti-inflammatory properties and increases the production of nitric oxide in the body.
- high satiety value increases fullness

4. soy and soya products

Regarded as one of the finest vegetarian source of protein, this food is no less than a superfood. A must in a vegetarian diet because of multiple health benefits, containing all essential amino acids being the most important of all. it offers some unignorable benefits like-

- Also called vegetarian meat, It is high in quality protein
- It contains phytochemical isoflavone which combats breast tumor
- High in both soluble and insoluble fiber helps in losing extra kilos of fat
- Although it contains a high amount of fat, it is mostly unsaturated fat 
- high in omega-3 fatty acids which makes it irresistible.

5. pumpkin

Downgraded when it comes to diet, this is something not to ignore. Due to seriously appreciable health benefits and low-calorie count, it is excellent for new weight losers. 
High in nutrient density it joins the list of top 5. It has some incredible health benefits like-

- highly Nutritious and particularly rich in vitamin A providing 245% of RDI 
- great source of Beta Carotene and Carotenoid 
- High In antioxidant content( Alpha Carotene, Beta Carotene, Beta Cryptoxanthin)
- It neutralizes the production of excessive free radical also called oxidative stress thus preventing many chronic diseases


  1. Excellent write up
    Adding pumpkin to the list of heath food was a new thing to know..
    It really has amazing health ������������

  2. Tried to include all the food suggested in the blog above in my diet today
    Really felt an amazing difference in my energy level
    Would request you to start making videos on energetic food substances

  3. Excellent article . Useful for people of all ages . Keep it up !!

  4. Loved the article. I personally dont like eating pumpkin but after reading this article I will include it in my diet.

  5. Being a vegetarian ,for me it was great to know that soya,oats and pumpkin will so much nutritional value to our diet


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