3 Shakes for a perfect break: Everything you should know about green shakes...

Binging in Calories? Or don't want to waste your time preparing a complicated diet that just ends in a dead-end?  Shakes is the way to go....with high nutrient diversity and less time consuming, these not only help you achieve your dream physique but also help you tackle your cravings.

Shakes are no new to the fitness communities. Shakes necessarily are not good, based on your choice they can be loaded with fat and sugar. Preservatives make the matter worse, but apart from all the grading factors shakes are something which really helps you achieve your goals fast. Keeping the factors given below into consideration, one can choose a perfect shake for himself/herself.

- Your body type ( mesomorph, Ectomorph or Endomorph)
- Your Fitness Goals
- Your budget

These decide components of shakes and how should they be prepared in order to give maximum benefit. 

Mainly a good shake contain ingredients according to your comfort and your taste, But in a broad spectrum, good shake contain-

1. A vegetable- A burst of vitamins, minerals, and fiber makes it a perfect choice for your shake.

2. A creamy or Velvety ingredients to give it a liquidy consistency.

3. A fruit- Gives your shake a bit of sweet hit to make it tastier.

4. A nutrient enhancer- for taking your shake to another level you can add enhances like chia seeds, hemp seed etc.

Shakes are a great way to improve your mental health and have anti-inflammatory property which helps get you healthy skin too. Easy to prepare, Nutritious, and less time consuming, they are perfect to fit in your busy schedule. Adding ingredients like mint, ginger, lemon gives it an extra punch and increase its detoxifying properties.

My top 3 shakes for a break are-

1. The Detoxifying delight

Starting with my favorite, his shake can do wonders. Detoxification is very important for a healthy body. With many explained benefits like healthy skin, bones, organs one should not let body accumulate harmful toxins. With additional benefits like increase metabolic rate and good nutrition repartitioning, this drink is a must in diet.

- 2 Ginger cloves
- 1 Cucumber
- 1 glass carrot juice
- 1 tsp. Chia seeds

Add ingredients together and place in the fridge overnight before drinking...

2. Gainer brainer

Those looking to put lean muscle mass, this is for you. With high in calories and quality protein and carbs, this shake is a perfect pre-workout. A healthy blast of super ingredients makes it irresistible and tasty. Loaded with complex carbs and protein it can act as a perfect way to start your day...

- 250ml skimmed milk
- 3 Peeled oranges
- 2 Scoops whey protein
- 1 Tsp. hemp seeds
- 150g Rolled oats

3. Hard Hiter

My Overweight friends, This is a solution to all your problems. A perfect Meal Replacement shake With High Satiety index And full of Fibre. This shake is not something to ignore and is perfect to fit in your diet plan. With a punch of strawberries, it is perfect to keep your cravings at bay and promote fast fat loss...

- 5 OR 6 Strawberries
- 250ml of skimmed milk
- 1 cucumber
- 1 Cooked beet
- Roasted Pistachios

Just take it two to three times in a day and see your belly fat shred..



  1. Great information about shales
    Best one for me and probably every body id �� green shake
    Will certainly try out

  2. Great information about shales
    Best one for me and probably every body id �� green shake
    Will certainly try out

  3. Very informative piece of advice .Yes very truly said a shake should have high satiety index and full of fibres ,if not it becomes more of a fad diet and adds on to obesity.


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