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Post Workout Shower: Which is better Hot Water Bath Or Cold Water ??

Considered as one of the most debatable topics in the fitness community. Choosing the temperature of your shower can be a confusing task. Based on many factors one can select an effective post-workout shower suited for his/her body.
 Apart from seasonal conditions and physical conditions available, What is so great about each shower. Let's find out by looking at some key benefits each type of shower offers and who should prefer which.

Hot water shower: The greatness it offers...
Often people underestimate hot shower, With many proven benefits it offers as a post-workout refreshment, It does wonder when taken within 1 hour of your workout. Some of its benefits include-
- Open Respiratory airways: Hot water helps clear nasal passage and water clogged lungs
- Improves sleep by relaxing muscles: Hot water smoothes stiff muscle caused by exercise as it improves blood circulation
- Relieves Nasal congestion
- Improve brain health
- Open pores and cleanses the skin: Hot water opens up the pores o…

Know your seeds......Everything you need to know about seeds

Seeds are a slowing coming to spotlight......The incredible health benefits that they offer simply make them stand apart from others. Eat them with milk or use them as salad dressing, They make a perfect way to complete your diet. Extremely nutritious and a powerhouse of fiber makes them irresistible. They contain healthy monounsaturated Fats, Vitamins and antioxidants.

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Here is the list of 6 seeds that you should incorporate in your diet to enhance its nutritional content-
1. Flax seeds
Often known as linseeds,these have incredible health benefits and are recommended by many doctors as a permanent part of your diet. With many benefits like boosting heart health, reducing cholesterol levels, lowering blood sugar levels and reducing cancer risk it justifies its worth. 
some of its key benefits include- - High in fibre and omega-3 fats( Particula…

Abs workout jinx: Why you are not growing dream abs....

Abs is like a dream of every gym-goer. As tempting it seems to get one, it costs much more than discipline. Often seen as a symbol of power and strength, Abs are the most important component of your physique. Good nutrition, workout, nutrients intake, and water intake all accumulate in flattening your tummy.

The basic idea of calorie out vs calorie in works best for most. Dropping your body fat and working your abs out regularly makes things get a bit easy. Eating whole food and doing cardiovascular activities like walking, running, or cycling 4-5 times a week is great for effective results. In this blog, I will particularly concentrate on workout changes and what you might be doing wrong....

Abs are not as hard to achieve when approached with a correct vision. Patience, consistency, hard work, and mindset all contribute to help you stick with goals. Being motivated and dedicated is as important. Cleaning your diet and polishing your workout are the main requirements for toning your abs…

3 Shakes for a perfect break: Everything you should know about green shakes...

Binging in Calories? Or don't want to waste your time preparing a complicated diet that just ends in a dead-end?  Shakes is the way to go....with high nutrient diversity and less time consuming, these not only help you achieve your dream physique but also help you tackle your cravings.

Shakes are no new to the fitness communities. Shakes necessarily are not good, based on your choice they can be loaded with fat and sugar. Preservatives make the matter worse, but apart from all the grading factors shakes are something which really helps you achieve your goals fast. Keeping the factors given below into consideration, one can choose a perfect shake for himself/herself.
- Your body type ( mesomorph, Ectomorph or Endomorph) - Your Fitness Goals - Your budget
These decide components of shakes and how should they be prepared in order to give maximum benefit. 

Mainly a good shake contain ingredients according to your comfort and your taste, But in a broad spectrum, good shake contain-
1. A vege…

5 Unexpected foods to carve your stubborn fat...

Deciding what to eat from day to night can be very frustrating at times. With many restriction, the diet tend to lose flexibility and becomes very rigid. At Hemchem we aim To provide easily accessible, pocket-friendly, and seasonable food to achieve your goals at the earliest.  

Here we present 5 unexpected foods that will carve your stubborn fat and give you the abs you always dream of. Just keep in mind the following parameters before you set a regime to follow-
-  Allergies/ Intolerance -  Include nutrient-dense foods -  Follow a diet which is sustainable 
Following a healthy diet, workout regime, and sleep pattern is all that you need to achieve your goals. Patience and consistency came in hand in hand with these. 
Here are 5 unexpected foods to carve your stubborn fat-

1. Whole Eggs 
The topper Of our list without any doubt. It is the superfood for those looking to shred kilos fast. This food Has Amazing food benefits like-
- Quality protein - healthy fat  - Excellent content of vitamins an…